Pearl Harbor National Memorial - USS Arizona Memorial

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OVERVIEW: About this Audio-Described Brochure

Welcome to the audio-described version of official print brochure for the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Through text and audio descriptions of photos and a map, this version interprets the two-sided color brochure that visitors of the USS Arizona Memorial receive. The brochure explores the history of the site, some of its highlights, and information for planning your visit. This audio version lasts about 22 minutes which we have divided into 13 sections, as a way to improve the listening experience. Sections 3-7 cover the front of the brochure and include information regarding what the purpose of the USS Utah is and the honor the men received. Sections 8-11 cover the back of the brochure which consists of the names of the fifty-eight men on board, telegraphs sent towards families, and a map of the area. Section 12 covers Accessibility and 13 covers More Information. 

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OVERVIEW: Pearl Harbor National Memorial - USS Arizona Memorial

Pearl Harbor National Memorial, previously known as World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, located in Hawaii, is part of the National Park Service, within the Department of the Interior. This brochure will be specifically focused on the USS Arizona Memorial.

The park is situated on the island of Oahu, west of the city of Honolulu, and is split between Ford Island and part of the shore to the east. This park, was established in 1980 as the USS Arizona Memorial, then redesignated in 2008 as World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, and once again in 2019 as Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Each year, on average one and a half million visitors come to enjoy the unique experiences that only can be had at Pearl Harbor National Memorial. We invite you to explore the park's historical importance. For those seeking to learn more about the park during their visit, Pearl Harbor Historic Sites Visitor Center. To find out more about what resources might be available or to contact the park directly, visit the "Accessibility" and "More Information" sections at the end of this audio-described brochure.

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OVERVIEW: Front Side of Brochure

The front side of the brochure includes images and text. The top boarder is a black strip with the white lettering USS Arizona Memorial on the left. To the right is the text is smaller lettering, National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior; USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i next to the National Park Service arrow-head logo. Three images and text discussing people who survived the USS Arizona and honoring those who died. 

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IMAGE and QUOTE: Soldier's Testament

DESCRIBING: Plaque with names

SYNOPSIS: Horizontal color image of a marble memorial plaque. The top states “USS ARIZONA SURVIVORS INTERRED….” in capital letters. Above the lettering are several lei made up of purple orchids and small pink and white carnations.. Below the lettering is a flat surface with columns of names, ranks, and years of death of those whose cremains have been placed here. 


It is a hard thing to have survived when we owe our place to the dead.

Rene Quinton
Soldier’s Testament

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TEXT: The Fortunate Few

During the Pearl Harbor attack, 1,512 officers, sailors, and marines were assigned to the battleship USS Arizona. Only 335 survived the “Day of Infamy.” Many of these survivors were aboard the Arizona during the attack. Others were away on liberty, attending training, or assigned to special duty ashore. Since that tragic day all of these men have worn the mantle of “survivor” with grace and reluctance. Many feel fortunate to have survived but some are haunted by the loss of their friends and fellow shipmates. As you read through this list you may wonder, as they have, why were they spared from the sea of death that engulfed their shipmates on that fateful day in 1941? 

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IMAGE and TEXT: Their Stories

DESCRIBING: Male and female smiling

SYNOPSIS: Black and white image of a young adult male dressed in a sailor's uniform on the right and a young adult female wearing a light-colored dress and volumized hair on the left. 

IN-DEPTH DESCRIPTION: The image is from the waist up. The man wears a single lei and the female wears many lei. The sailor is fair skinned, is smiling, and has a narrow face with a slight cleft on his chin. He is wearing a white sailor’s cap tilted to his left. On his uniform shirt are three stripes on his left arm. The woman has a narrow face and a pleasant smile. In both smiles we can see their teeth. The sailor is standing beside and slightly behind the left side of the woman. The background is light gray.



“Were you scared? Yes, one does get scared. Then you think, Will I ever see home again? Will I see my family? How can I get out of this alive?” That’s when you pray a lot and tell yourself to remember your Navy and Marine Corp training; stay calm, and try to be like Major Shapley and [Lieutenant] Commander Fuqua. Those who have seen war carry unforgettable memories of their fellow men.”

Russell J. McCurdy, Lt Col, USMC Retired

“There was a tremendous explosion as I reached the quarterdeck ladder, and a terribly burned sailor laid under the ladder. I got him by the hand to get him to safety when the forward part of the Arizona blew up. We were thrown back toward the stern. This sailor I managed to save; my twin [brother] I could not.”

John D. Anderson, BMC, USN Retired

Twin brother, Delbert, died on the Arizona. Vincent Vlach was at home with his wife in Honolulu at the start of the attack. He hurried to Pearl Harbor amidst the air strike to help men from their boats as they came ashore. Many were badly burned, injured, and covered with oil. Vincent said his “whites [uniform] were a bloody and oily mess.”

Vincent J. Vlach Jr., LCDR, USN Retired

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IMAGE and TEXT: Honoring a Final Request

DESCRIBING: Three scuba divers

SYNOPSIS: Color image of three scuba divers. The water is a bright blue. The diver in the middle faces the surface of the water holding a dark urn in his hands. The other two scuba divers face down into the water with their light-colored oxygen tanks half above the surface. The diving suits are all dark.



In the Shrine Room at the USS Arizona Memorial, a large wall lists the names of the Arizona’s dead. A smaller wall contains the names of Arizona survivors who chose to rejoin their shipmates in their final resting place. Each of these men asked that their remains be placed back into the Arizona. To honor this final request, National Park Service divers ceremoniously transport the urns of survivors back to the ship. Resting their remains in the sunken wreck allows them to finally reunite with their brothers who died on December 7, 1941.

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OVERVIEW: Back Side of Brochure

The backside of this brochure has a title saying Survivors of the December 7, 1941, Attack on the USS Arizona. The page is broken into four columns with two of them have white backgrounds and the other two have blue backgrounds with white waves. The page is covered with 335 names of the survivors on the USS Arizona. 

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IMAGE and QUOTE: Survivors of the December 7, 1941, Attack on the USS Arizona

DESCRIBING: Three tall, narrow columns of names  

SYNOPSIS: Color image of a list of sailor names with ranks. They are in alphabetical order, flowing down, from one column to the next. The three columns are side by side. The first and third columns are blue, showing ripples of water, with white letters. The middle column is white with blue letters, and no background image.



My father’s memories of the morning of December 7, 1941 were so strong and painful that he seldom was willing to share them with his family. He didn’t want to be reminded of the horrors he had witnessed...

Walter M. Kissinger’s daughter, Jenny, reflecting on the memories of her father.

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TEXT: United States Navy & Reserve (320)

  • AMACHER, Charles Andrew Sea1
  • ANDERSON, John Delmar BM2c
  • BAGBY, Walter Franklin SF3c
  • BALL, Masten “A” F1c
  • BALLARD, Galen Owen F1c
  • BARTH, DeWayne BM1c
  • BASS, Edward Forester F2c
  • BAUMEISTER, William Nicolas ACMM
  • BECKER, Harvey Herman GM2c
  • BEMIS, Edwin Wallace Sea1c
  • BENNETT, Earl Dean GM3c
  • BERDOLLT, George Anthony FC3c
  • BIRD, Leroy Alexander CTC
  • BIRDSELL, Estelle MM1c
  • BIRTWELL, Daniel Thomas Jr. Lt Comdr
  • BODEY, Edward Raymond BM2c
  • BOWEN, Andrew Jackson Jr. CMM
  • BRADSHAW, Harry Frederick Sea1c
  • BRAYDIS, John Sea1c
  • BROWN, Gene R. Sea1c
  • BROWNING, Robert James Sea2c
  • BRUCE, John Franklin GM3c
  • BRUNER, Lauren Fay FC3c
  • BRUNS, Martin Benjamin Y2c
  • BUEHL, Herbert Vincent F3c
  • BURCHAM, Jimmie Charles Sea1c
  • BURK, Leland Howard GM3c
  • BUSH, William Jack Ens
  • BYARD, Ralph Duncan CCStd
  • CAMPBELL, Frank Monroe Ens
  • CAMPBELL, George Kilgore CTC
  • CARLSON, Ray Christian Sea2c
  • CARSON, Carl Malvin Sea1c
  • CHANDLER, Edwin Ray Sea1c
  • CHAPMAN, Noel “B” Sea2c
  • CHAPPELL, William Robert Sea1c
  • CHRISTIANSEN, Harlan Carl AS
  • CHUNG-HOON, Gordon Patea Lt
  • CLOUSER, Marion Howard GM1c
  • COBURN, George W. Sea1c
  • COKER, Charles Walter Lt
  • COMBS, Clyde Jefferson Sea1c
  • CONDON, Daniel Jerome Lt(jg) (MC)
  • CONTER, Louis Anthony QM3c
  • COOK, Lonnie David Sea1c
  • COOLE, Lloyd Edward Sea1c
  • COPLIN, Norman Walter Sea1c
  • CORBIN, Ralph Victor Leon Sea1c
  • CORNELIUS, Lyle Richard Sea2c
  • COSBY, Ray Charles Sea1c
  • COX, John Madison Jr. Lt Comdr
  • COZAD, Francis Burnard Sea2c
  • CROTHERS, Lee Raymond BM1c
  • CRUZ, Henry Mesa MAtt1c
  • CULP, Donald Arthur Sea2c
  • CZARNECKI, Anthony Francis MM1c
  • DANIEL, Alfred Eugene GM1c
  • DARE, James Ashton Ens
  • DAVIS, Carl Everette GM3c
  • DAVIS, Elvin Clay Sea1c
  • DAVISON, Henry Donald Ens
  • DEAN, William Ernest BM1c
  • DEARING, John Davis WT2c
  • DECKER, Deward Cox
  • DESERANO, Joseph Charles Mldr1c
  • DICKERSON, William Charles A. RM2c
  • DICKINSON, Merle Edward GM3c
  • DOBSON, Clarence Junior GM3c
  • DOHERTY, John Andrew CGM
  • DONEGAN, Timothy Albert Prtr1c
  • DOUCETT, John Walter GM3c
  • DUNCAN, Henry Barnett FC3c
  • DUNCAN, Tommie Wilson BM2c
  • EDMONDSON, Kenneth Eugene Cox
  • EGAN, Paul Howard FC3c
  • ELKINS, Merle Sea1c
  • ELLIOTT, Lawrence Emitt MM1c
  • ELLIS, George William SC1c
  • ENOS, James R. Sea2c
  • ESKEW, Weldon Virgil MM1c
  • EVANS, John Willard Sea1c
  • EVERSOLE, Elmer Everett Sea1c
  • EYMAN, Lawrence Oliver Sea1c
  • FALGE, Francis Marion Lt
  • FARQUHAR, Lawrence Albert FC2c
  • FAULKNER, Paul Harding Sea1c
  • FAY, Lawrence Edward GM3c
  • FELTON, Nathaniel MAtt1c
  • FIELD, Jennings Pemble Ens
  • FINGER, William Ralph SM1c
  • FITCH, Harry Lionel Ens
  • FLANAGAN, Guy Spalding Jr. Ens
  • FLANNERY, Wendell Lee Cox
  • FLORY, Dale Frederick WT2c
  • FORBIS, James Leamon Cox
  • FOSTER, James Park Jr. Sea1c
  • FOWLER, Ralph Edward BM1c
  • FOWLER, Robert Dale Sea2c
  • FRYE, Everett Ellsworth Sea1c
  • FUQUA, Samuel Glenn Lt Comdr
  • GALLAGHER, William Fred CEM
  • GARFIELD, Jerome Harold Ens
  • GASKINS, Walter James Sea1c
  • GAUT, Harold Woodson Sea1c
  • GEISELMAN, Ellis Hugh Comdr
  • GENEST, Dayton Merrill Sea1c
  • GIBSON, Claude Clenton Sea1c
  • GILBERT, Arthur Barnes Sea1c
  • GILLEM, Charles “M” Sea1c
  • GILLENWATER, Charles Ervin Sea1c
  • GILLESPIE, David William Sea1c
  • GLENN, Richard Clyde Ens
  • GOLDSBERRY, William Joseph Sea1c
  • GORDON, Donald Eugene GM2c
  • GOSHEN, William Eugene Sea1c
  • GRABOWSKY, Leon Ens
  • GRAHAM, Donald Alexander AMM1c
  • GRAY, James Victor Sea1c
  • GREEN, Clay Douglas Jr. Sea1c
  • GREEN, James William GM3c
  • GRIM, George Edwin GM1c
  • GUERIN, Charles William Jr. Sea1c
  • GUNA, Andrew BM1c
  • HAERLING, Howard Gustave BM1c
  • HAERRY, Raymond John Cox
  • HAMILTON, Elsworth Fonzo ACMM
  • HAMILTON, James Edward Sea1c
  • HAND, Vernon Sea1c
  • HARGIS, Paul Eugene Y3c
  • HARR, Oliver Virgil MM1c
  • HARRELL, Allen Boyd Sea1c
  • HARRIS, Henry Sherman Sea1c
  • HARRIS, John David Sea1c
  • HART, James Willard F1c
  • HARTLAND, Alfred Jack Sea1c
  • HAUFF, Richard GM3c
  • HEIN, Douglas Ens
  • HEINZ, Robert Henry Sea1c
  • HENDON, Robert Marvin CGM
  • HENRY, John William Ens
  • HETRICK, Clarendon Robert Sea1c
  • HILL, Richard Howe Y3c
  • HINTON, John Harold CSM
  • HJELLE, Clarence Otto Sea2c
  • HOLLAND, Fred McKenzie Sea1c
  • HOLMES, Roy Willard Sea1c
  • HOMANN, Alfred James Lt
  • HOOKS, Woodrow Robert Sea2c
  • HOOPER, Clifford Charles RM2c
  • HOWATT, John Paul Ens
  • HUGHES, James Curtis Sea1c
  • HULL, Lester DeLance Sea1c
  • HURST, Milton Thomas AMM3c
  • HUTCHINS, Edward Francis Lt
  • HUZAR, Peter WT1c
  • HYSLOPE, Charles Edward F1c
  • INSELMAN, Donald Sea1c
  • JANIKOWSKI, Edward Joseph Cox
  • JEFFERS, Warren Edwin Sea1c
  • JOHNSON, Donald R. Sea1c
  • JOHNSON, Neil Francis Cox
  • JOHNSTON, Brooxey “J” Jr. GM3c
  • JONES, Hubert Hayes CWT
  • KARB, Joe Frank CWT
  • KEENER, “C” “H” GM3c
  • KEFFER, Carl Emerson Sea1c
  • KELLEY, Bruce Draper Lt Comdr
  • KIRK, Guy Duane Sea1c
  • KISSINGER, Walter Marlond MM1c
  • KUHN, Harold Joseph Sea1c
  • KURTZ, Stanley Robert Sea1c
  • LANCASTER, James Daniel Sea1c
  • LANDRETH, Ralph William GM2c
  • LANE, Glenn Harvey RM3c
  • LANGDELL, Joseph Kopcho Ens
  • LAWRENCE, Thomas Hurshel Sea1c
  • LAWSON, James Lenox GM3c
  • LAWSON, Leonard George Sea1c
  • LEIGHTON, Lindsay Ray WT1c
  • LENCSES, Louie GM3c
  • LENNING, George Birmingham Ens
  • LEOPARD, Curtis James BM1c
  • LEWIS, William Edward Lt(jg) (MC)
  • LINDSEY, Jack Lawton Sea1c
  • LOTT, Russell Ardell Sea1c
  • LUKASAVITZ, Steven Jerome Sea1c
  • MacQUEEN, Donald E. Ens
  • MAINWARING, Billy Braun F3c
  • MALASKI, John Sea1c
  • MALCOLM, Everett Allen Ens
  • MANCUSO, Joseph Sea1c
  • MANN, Charles Clark Lt
  • MARCUM, Harry Bedford CEM
  • MARKS, Edward Joseph Cox
  • MASTERSON, Kleber Sandlin Lt
  • MATTLAGE, Herbert Ens
  • McCARRON, John Harry GM2c
  • McDONALD, Don Erwin Sea1c
  • McFALL, Charles William GM1c
  • McKENNA, Kenneth Kermit SM1c
  • MELVIN, Earle Thomas CFC
  • METCALF, John Howard Sea2c
  • MIGLIACCIO, Thomas William Sea1c
  • MILHORN, Harvey Hollis GM3c
  • MILLER, Jim Dick Ens
  • MILLIKIN, Donald Hugh Sea2c
  • MINI, James Haile Lt(jg)
  • MODE, Stanley Robert EM1c
  • MOMMER, Rolland Earl BM2c
  • MURDOCK, Thomas Daniel CY
  • MUSICK, Clay Henry Sea1c
  • MYLAN, Jack Clement SM2c
  • NELSON, Grady Lee Jr. Sea2c
  • NEWELL, Bobby Earl Sea2c
  • NICHOLS, John Edward RM1c
  • NIEMARA, Stanley Joseph Sea1c
  • O’BRION, Edward Francis Joseph Sea1c
  • OLIPHANT, Harold Eugene GM3c
  • OLSEN, Vernon James Sea1c
  • OSBORNE, William Daniel Jr. Sea1c
  • OSMOND, Robert Hugh FC3c
  • OSTERBERG, Vernon Magnus Ens
  • OTTERMAN, Clarence Wayne GM2c
  • OWEN, Paul Ralph Sea1c
  • PABLO, Patrocinio OS1c
  • PACITTI, Louis John Gm3c
  • PARKER, William Whiteford Sea1c
  • PECOTTE, Earl Henry Gm2c
  • PEIL, William John BM2c
  • PERRY, Seth Harold Sea2c
  • PHIPPS, Berwyn Robert SF2c
  • PHRANER, George Dewey Jr. Sea2c
  • PITTARD, George Franklin Lt
  • PITZ, Robert Leo Sea1c
  • POLLACK, Francis Lee SC3c
  • PORT, Stanley Harrison Jr. Cox
  • POSEY, Ernest Mendum MM1c
  • POTTS, Howard Kenton Cox
  • POUSSON, Alfred Andrew Sea2c
  • PROBST, Richard William Sea1c
  • PUCKETT, Louis Alfred Comdr (SC)
  • PURVIS, William Robinson F3c
  • QUILLIN, Wallace Franklin Sea1c
  • RANN, Carl Frederick Sea1c
  • RAMPLEY, John Watson GM3c
  • RAMSDELL, Millard Arthur Ens
  • REID, Everett Owen MM1c
  • REIFERT, Eldon Ray Cox
  • RIDER, Maurice David BM1c
  • RIDLEY, William Hull RM3c
  • RINER, Earl William GM3c
  • ROBINSON, Lewis Perrin Sea1c
  • ROURKE, John Paul Sea1c
  • ROWLEY, Welton Dana Lt Comdr
  • RUHLMAN, Fred Lee Lt
  • SADLER, Jack Ivan Sea2c
  • SADOWSKI, Joseph Stephen Sea1c
  • SANDERS, Elmer Larimore GM1c
  • SARGENT, Robert Isaac Jr. Sea2c
  • SCHAFER, Herman Leroy Jr. Ens
  • SCHUBERT, Anthony Robert Ens
  • SCHUMACHER, William James WT1c
  • SEELEY, Robert Fox Sea2c
  • SHAFFER, John Jackson III Lt
  • SHAWN, Ernest Maurice GM3c
  • SHEBAK, Joseph Sea1c
  • SHEW, Martin Luther MM2c
  • SIMMONS, Claude William Jr. Sea1c
  • SMITH, Clyde Crockett CEM
  • SMITH, Harold Francis BM2c
  • SMITH, Roscoe Bryant GM3c
  • SMITH, William Hansford Jr. Cox
  • SNOW, Rutherford Hayes WT1c
  • STANBOROUGH, Thomas William Jr. Sea1c
  • STARKS, Don Harrison MM1c
  • STOFFER, Bernald Henry AMM1c
  • STRATTON, Donald Gay Sea1c
  • STRONG, Herbert Ronald Cox
  • STUART, Jean Marcelle Sea1c
  • SULLIVAN, Aubry Randolph Cox
  • TAGTMEYER, Laurence Ernest Chf Gun
  • TAPP, Murray L. Sea2c
  • TESLOW, Stanley Merlin GM2c
  • THOMA, Steven Joseph EM3c
  • THOMPSON, Norman Mach
  • TRANTHAM, Glenwood Orris BM1c
  • TRAVIOLI, Vernon Alva Sea2c
  • TUCKER, Edward Daniel BM2c
  • TURNER, Richard Newton Jr. Sea1c
  • URBANIAK, Edmund Leo Carp
  • VAN WINKLE, Edward Laverne F2c
  • VELIA, Keith Lloyd Sea2c
  • VESSELS, James Allard GM3c
  • VIDAL, Daniel MAtt1c
  • VLACH, Vincent James Jr. Y1c
  • VON SPRECKELSEN, Charles Albert Ptr2c
  • WAGNER, Robert Eugene Sea1c
  • WAGNER, Rudolph Louis CBM
  • WALKER, James Edward QM2c
  • WALSH, Homan Leavell Ens (SC)
  • WARD, James Robert Sea1c
  • WARRINER, Kenneth T. Sea2c
  • WARRINER, Russell Walter Sea1c
  • WASHINGTON, Joseph Henry MAtt1c
  • WATSON, Howard Lincoln BM2c
  • WEAVER, Richard Duncan BM1c
  • WELCH, Frank Jr. Ens
  • WELLER, Oree Cunningham Sea2c
  • WELLS, Harold Leroy Sea1c
  • WELTER, Eddie Charles Sea1c
  • WENTZLAFF, Edward Louis AOM2c
  • WEST, Mark Austin CMM
  • WESTBROOK, Clinton Howard Sea1c
  • WHITE, Thomas Arthur Bm2c
  • WILLIAMS, John Francis Gm3c
  • WILSON, Charles Leo Sea1c
  • WILSON, Harold Green Jr. F2c
  • WISE, James Louis Sea1c
  • ZADIK, Edward Albert Sea2c

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TEXT: United States Marine Corps & Reserve (15)

  • BAKER, John MacRae Sgt
  • BRAHAM, Edward James PFC
  • CABINESS, Frank R. PFC
  • CARTER, Edward J. PltSgt
  • CORY, James Evans PFC
  • COURSEY, John Paul 1stLt
  • CRAWFORD, Lamar Smead PFC
  • EARLE, John Horatio Jr. Capt
  • GOODMAN, Kenneth Dale PFC
  • HARDY, Charles L. Pvt
  • McCURDY, Russell J. Pvt
  • NIGHTINGALE, Earl C. Corp
  • SHAPLEY, Alan Major
  • SOLEY, Michael Corp
  • YOUNG, Donald George PFC

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OVERVIEW: Accessibility

No information is listed on the brochure. Please visit park website at or (808) 422-3399

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IMAGE and OVERVIEW: More Information

DESCRIBING: Arizona Memorial Museum Association logo 

SYNOPSIS: White rectangular building with a dip in the middle. Surrounding the top of the building is a blue circle with white lettering inside. Wavy red and white stripes flow vertically. Below is the text in blue stating “Arizona Memorial Museum Association”.

CAPTION: This publication funded by the Arizona Memorial Museum Foundation. 



PHONE: (808) 422-3399

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