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OVERVIEW: About this Audio-Described Brochure

Welcome to the audio-described version of the Hawaii Association of the Blind's official print brochure. This version interprets the tri-folded brochure that goes over the philosophy, purpose, and activities members experience. This audio version lasts approximately 4 minutes which we have divided into 9 sections, as a way to improve the listening experience. Sections 4-6 cover the purpose behind the Hawaii Association of the Blind. Sections 7-8 explain how to reach out if one is interested in becoming a member or donor. 

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OVERVIEW: Hawaii Association of the Blind

"The Hawaii Association of the Blind is a 501c3 non-profit organization, an entity that survives on the generosity of donors who share in the support of Blind and Visually Impaired people in the State of Hawaii."

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IMAGES and QUOTE: Cover Page

IMAGE 1 of 2: Blue logo

DESCRIBING: Logo for the Hawaii Association of the Blind

SYNOPSIS: A blue square with the words "Hawaii Association of the Blind" written in white. The first letter of Hawaii, Association, and Blind are capitalized. The rest of the letters are lowercase. 

IMAGE 2 of 2: Group of people

DESCRIBING: Group of 16 people ranging from children to adults posing for a picture.

SYNOPSIS: Three rows of people kneeling and standing. 10 of the people are wearing blue shirts with the Hawaii Association of the Blind logo on the left side of their chest. Facemasks are worn by most of the people. Those without masks on have large smiles.  White canes are carried by eight people. The group is situated in a mall-like area with two large plants behind them. 

CAPTION: Parents and Youth (PAY) Event- Pearlridge Center 2022


“Advocating for Independence, Equality, and Opportunity for the Blind“

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TEXT: Philosophy

The members of HAB believe:

  • A blind individual is first and foremost a person and should not be defined by his/her blindness.
  • It is necessary for blind persons to accept their blindness and consciously develop a positive attitude about themselves and their disability.
  • A blind person is capable of being as independent as any other person in society.
  • With a positive attitude and equality of opportunity, blind individuals can attain whatever realistic goals they set for themselves.
  • If given the opportunity, a blind person can be a contributing member of society.

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TEXT: Purpose

The members of HAB strive to:

  • Protect the rights of the blind through legislation, legal actions, and negotiations with public policy makers.
  • Assist resource teachers and blind students in our schools by offering scholarships and grants.
  • Assist the Library for the Blind and Print Disabled in making materials available to all blind patrons through annual monetary grants.
  • Assist the blind in the areas of education, rehabilitation, vocational training and generally act as a support group.
  • Support blind vendors.
  • Educate the public.

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IMAGE and TEXT: Activities

DESCRIBING: Horizontal image spanning the bottom length of the brochure.

SYNOPSIS: Approximately 20 people standing side by side facing the same direction, toward the camera. Every person wears different types of clothing; shorts, pants, t-shirts, and tank tops. There is a guide dog in the front, and many people are wearing glasses or sunglasses, with a few people holding white canes. In the distance is green grass with trees. 

CAPTION: HAB Members and Friends Social Event, at Ala Moana Beach Park.


  • Leadership Training
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Support Groups
  • Orientation and Mobility Training
  • Community Outreach
  • Supporting the HAB Parents and Youth (PAY) group
  • Supporting the Library for the Blind and Print Disabled, Ho’opono and the Department of Education Itinerant teachers
  • Local and National Conventions
  • Social Events

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IMAGE and TEXT: Membership

DESCRIBING: Square color image of two people. 

SYNOPSIS: Two masculine people sitting in front of a trifold board promoting HAB in Action, referring to the Hawaii Association of the Blind. The people face forward with small smiles on their faces. The one on the viewer's left is wearing a blue collared shirt with an exhibitor lanyard, with sunglasses hanging on the collar. Both of his eyes are closed, and he wears hearing aids on both sides. The person on the viewer's right wears a gray t-shirt, a black baseball hat with a U.S. Army Vietnam logo on it, and sunglasses on his face. The information boards in the back display photos and texts. 

CAPTION: Community Outreach Event- 2019


If you have any questions about HAB or are interested in joining, please contact:

Norman Ota – Membership Chairman

PHONE: (808) 375-3120

EMAIL: 808HAB@gmail.com

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TEXT: Donorship

If you are interested in helping HAB through a financial contribution, please contact:

Art Cabanilla – President

PHONE: (808) 728-1554

EMAIL: 808HAB@gmail.com

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OVERVIEW: More Information

For more information please visit: https://hawaii.acb.org/

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