Pearl Harbor Tactile Test, April 29, 2023

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Oahu Tactile Map

DESCRIBING: A brass, topographical, tactile map of the island of Oahu.

SYNOPSIS: Find the NFC tag, which is a circular sticker placed near the mouth of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is a tree-shaped area, with three branching lochs. Those lochs, from left-to-right, are called West Loch, Middle Loch, and East Loch. To the right or east of Pearl Harbor is the prominent Ko'o'lau Mountain Range, which looks like the tail of an alligator. To the left or west of Pearl Harbor is the Waianae Mountain Range, which is more condensed and rises to a central peak. In between the two ranges, there are the lowlands of the Ewa District. There are circular coin-shaped depressions around the island that indicate where military targets were located or attacked in 1941.

CREDIT: Harpers Ferry Interpretive Design Center.

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U.S.S. Arizona ship tactile model

DESCRIBING: A gray, resin model of the sunken U.S.S. Arizona battleship. This model is about 3 feet long and about 9 inches wide.    

SYNOPSIS: The model depicts the wreckage of the U.S.S. Arizona as it rests today on the ocean floor. For orientation, find the two circular holes that are about a half-inch to an inch deep and about two inches wide. Those are on the back of the ship, called the stern. The ship has three distinct sections: 1. This less-damaged stern where two large guns once were positioned in the holes, 2. The rubble of the midship, where the control tower once stood, and 3. The heavily damaged bow, or front of the ship, which has the only remaining main-battery gun.


The stern, or back-end of the ship, is relatively intact. The two holes represent where salvage operations removed two of the four main battery guns that were on the deck. Around the holes, debris can be felt as well as some ventilation ducts.

In the middle of the ship, the rough texture represents a large amount of rubble left behind by the explosion that tore through the ship. 

The gun on the front of the ship has three barrels. The bomb penetrated the ship in-between this gun and the midship. Underneath the gun barrels, the smooth surface eventually gives way to a rougher texture where the explosion erupted and exited from the lower levels of the ship.

CREDIT: Whiteclouds Next-Gen 3D Fabrication.

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Soda bottle tactile model

DESCRIBING: A 4-inch by 8-inch tactile model of a bottle found in the U.S.S. Arizona wreckage.

SYNOPSIS: The tactile model is a full scale representation of a glass soda bottle that was found on the deck of the U.S.S. Arizona battleship. The protruding elements and rough texture of the bottle are pieces of coral growth that can be found on multiple objects recovered from the ship. 

CREDIT: Whiteclouds Next-Gen 3D Fabrication.

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Cooking pot tactile model

DESCRIBING: A 6-inch by 8-inch tactile model of a cooking pot.

SYNOPSIS: The tactile model is a one-third scale representation of a cooking pot that was found in the wreckage of the U.S.S. Arizona battleship. The pot is cracked in two places. Coral covers the pot and provides the rough texture on the model. 

CREDIT: Whiteclouds Next-Gen 3D Fabrication.

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GPS test

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