Descriptathon 6 (Aug. 18-20, 2020)

This webpage is a subpage of the main UniDescription project website, www.unidescription.org. It is mostly text (except for the webpage banner) and has been generated by the UniD system to assist with collaboration activities and judging that happens in a typical hackathon-like Descripthon. This page, though, is tailored specifically to your participation in that Descriptathon, by recognizing your user account and sorting tasks and permissions to you automatically. This page has five main sections: 1. a Table of Contents, 2. a My Task List, 3. an Overview, 4. a Participants list, and 5. a Tournament Standings bracket that shows the teams involved and how those are progressing in the competitive part of the training. More about each of those sections follows: 1. A Table of Contents – Lists the other sections on the page and provides jump links to each. So you can, for example, choose My Task List from the table, and the screen reader will jump your cursor to that section of the site. If you get disoriented on this page, the Table of Contents is set up as a standardized orientation tool – on this page and throughout www.unidescription.org – to help you get back to comfortable ground. 2. My Task List – The go-to place to find direct links to the activities that have been assigned to you, whether that's for description collaboration or judging. If you want to know what to do next, this usually is the place to check. 3. Overview – Provides a summary of the Descriptathon event, usually including dates, focus, and scope. This text usually is static and provides a big-picture description of the event. 4. Participants – Provides a list of who is involved and on what teams. 5. Tournament Standings – Provides a structure to the competition, including who is paired against whom, and a record of the various activities. You can click on any of the teams to examine the results. This webpage is static, unless you refresh it, which means if you are waiting for a new task to be assigned to you, you will need to refresh the webpage every so often, to make sure you get the alerts (which also will be sent to your email).

My Task List

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Descriptathon 6 (Aug. 18-20, 2020)

August 09, 2020 through August 11, 2020

A Descriptathon is a hackathon-like collaborative competition designed to create more-inclusive public places. This one – Descriptathon 6 – will be offered Aug. 18-20, 2020, online – via www.unidescription.org – and through connected conference calls. The participants this time are mostly from U.S. National Park Service sites around the National Mall in Washington, D.C., plus special guests from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and Parks Canada. This activity happens in a walled garden, under standard research protocols, to protect the anonymity of the participants. Yet it also is a public research project, with its findings shared liberally. For participants, all of the connective details (such as the conference call numbers, and project details) can be found on your Descriptathon 6 project link, within UniD. Through this sort of process, the UniD research team has helped to make more than 100 U.S. National Park Service sites more accessible.

Tournament Standings


D6 Administrators
D6 Round 1, Judge Team 1
D6 Round 1, Judge Team 2
D6 Round 1, Judge Team 3
D6 Round 1, Judge Team 4
D6 Round 2, Judge Team 1
D6 Round 2, Judge Team 2
D6 Round 2, Judge Team 3
D6 Round 2, Judge Team 4
D6 Round 2, Judge Team 5
D6 Round 3, Judge Team 1
D6 Round 3, Judge Team 2
D6 Round 3, Judge Team 3
D6 Round 4, Judge Team 1
D6 Round 4, Judge Team 2
D6 Team: Antietam
D6 Team: Belmont-Paul Women's Equality
D6 Team: Catoctin Mountain
D6 Team: Desert National
D6 Team: Dwight D. Eisenhower
D6 Team: FDR
D6 Team: Ford's Theatre
D6 Team: Goldsworthy Walk
D6 Team: Korean War Veterans
D6 Team: Lincoln Memorial
D6 Team: MLK
D6 Team: Monocacy
D6 Team: Parks Canada
D6 Team: Thomas Jefferson Memorial
D6 Team: Vietnam Veterans
D6 Team: WW II Memorial

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